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Welcome to J R Microelectronics, the manufacturer of the well known and popular range of microSCORE electronic dart scoring machines. Established in 1985, we have supplied thousands of electronic dart scoring machines to probably every dart playing Country in the world.

Whilst we have a policy of offering a two year unconditional guarantee ( dart damage excepted), we also have the policy of repairing and updating out of warranty machines at minimal cost, as a service to our customers. We have even renovated machines which were originally sold 20 years ago, such is the build quality of our products.

The basic microSCORE comprises a 22mm red LED display, which can easily be viewed from the oche and by the surrounding audience. The multiSCORE, however, is designed for league use, where it is essential that the last few scores are shown, as well as the current running score. Again, both red LED displays can be easily viewed but in this case, the running score comprises a larger 25mm display.

The microSCORE is manufactured within a robust ABS plastic case, where the instruction panel can be removed and if required can be replaced with a local advertisement, such as a taxi number.

The multiSCORE comes in a nice simulated wood finish. Both scorers come complete with 12volt mains power adaptor and full operating instructions.

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Both scorers are held in stock for rapid despatch upon receipt of order.

Telephone Number 01480215667

Email Address jim@jimsbolt.co.uk

Address 9 Burnt Close, Eynesbury, St. Neots, Cambs, PE19 2LZ

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